murgatroid_98 (murgatroid_98) wrote,

Almost There

NaNo starts in 32 hours. That's one and one-third days. I've added, subtracted, played with, rearranged and fiddled with my outline and I keep finding more things to change.

I downloaded yWriter, so making these changes is easy. I can re-order scenes within a chapter as well as re-order and rename chapters, and make notes for both. Is that cool or what! It's a darn good program for a free download.

I actually installed the program on my thumb drive so I can work on it when I'm near a computer. I back my work up on my home computer and the one at work.

I've also downloaded the first beta for the new Windows version of Scrivener. I haven't had much time to work with it but I will. I'll do my NaNo book on yWriter because I've already established my outline on that program, and I want to see what Scrivener does before I commit to it. If I like Scrivener, I want to be able to take advantage of the 50% discount for beta testers who win NaNo when the finished program is released in January, 2011.

I have another story idea I'll use for beta testing when I'm not working on my NaNo word count.

In preparation for November, I've been working on another story I have partially outlined. I'll put it aside during the NaNo event because I think I will have plenty to do. I mean, I have a day job, too.

Dang, it looks like I may have to practice self-discipline doesn't it?
Tags: writing
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