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200 Words-Part 2

This is the second part of Chuck Wendig's 200 Word Challenge. I chose Josh Loomis's story to continue. My part is after the asterisks.

“Believe me, I wish I had a better idea than drawing these things on the walls of my church.”

“Do I need to remind you that you’re the one that called me?”

“And if my Bishop knew, he’d probably excommunicate me faster than you can say ‘Martin Luther’.”

“He might react that way if he knew about all of the guns on the premesis, too.”

Father Benjamin looked up from the shotgun he was loading. “This is America, Miss Crenshaw. Everybody has guns. Even the clergy.”

“Those are the shells we discussed?”

“Silver buckshot soaked in holy water? Yes.”

“Good.” Crenshaw looked up as the pounding began on the doors. “I knew I should have started there…”

“At least they’re only coming from one direction.” Benjamin worked the shotgun’s pump action as he moved towards the door. “Finish what you’ve started. I’ll hold them off.”

“What, and let you fight it alone?” Abigail Crenshaw dropped the chalk, drawing the silver sword from her dark scabbard. “Not a chance.”


Dents formed in the heavy steel of doors meant to keep vandals and thieves out of the main church and provide sanctuary for people in need. They were never meant to keep out creatures with preternatural strength.

“I don’t suppose you have holy water in the sprinkler system, Father.” Abigail kept her gaze on the entrance.

“I only wish I’d thought of it. It isn’t as though we had much warning.” He raised the gun and aimed.

“We need something more.” Abigail switched the sword to her left hand and scrabbled for the dropped chalk.

“What are you doing?” A gap appeared between the doors.

“This may not work, but it’s worth a try. Pray, Father, pray I have time to finish.” She quickly drew a half circle in front of the doors like a barrier, sketching symbols along the line. Then she drew another half circle and started sketching another line of symbols, chanting in time with Benjamin’s prayer. She finished the last symbol as the hinges on one of the doors broke.

She jumped away from the circles and stood in a crouch, her sword pointed at the door. Words of Power poured from her lips and the circles glowed.

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